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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 15, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> the democrats router in full force making stops in charlotte ahead of tomorrow's north carolina primary. we are going to old highlights from the clinton and sanders rallies. samantha touted matthews takes another step toward their plan to possibly leave charlotte lumbered schools. we will let you know what was voted on tonight in what might happen next read. >> would the to come up with ways to make their real cost of living cheap. kayla: and organizations serving the homeless thinks it may have found a solution to fight the problem. we will tell you about the unique setup that could have a major impact on the community. good evening and thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news" at 10. i am kayla ayres. bill: i'm bill melugin. powerful storms tonight.
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meteorologist brian basham. >> i want you to keep in mind there have been strong storms that have been pushing through, some areas to end size hail moving through many places 1.5 1.5 inches and more. the northern half of few showers not a huge deal but we still have the severe thunderstorm warning to the south from guesting county until 10:30 p.m. 10:30 p.m.. if you are encouraged you were getting hit right now. you are seeing half an inch to an inch sized hail. it's pushing towards the south and that's the good news. it's moving out of the area but the bad news is you have another cell behind you. this track taking it to the south of you that we'll continue to track it across the area and the strong storms affecting a lot of the area. not as intense through matthews but very strong
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likely seeing hail is probably smaller in diameter but heavy rain and there's been some big-time wind gusts of 60 miles an hour or more across the area. the storms are moving almost directly to the east so if you are west of pineville you are largely -- could see a few showers. here's the good news. this is moving out tonight but we have more rain on the way this week. stick around, in and 10 minutes i will show you exactly when. bill: turning to politics now the road to the presidency has gone literally right through charlotte as donald trump and bernie sanders and hillary clinton all held separate rallies in the queen city. hillary clinton wrapped up speaking to her supporters at the brady cole center. that's where david sentendrey is to fill us in on what she had to say.
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because this rally just wrapped up 10 or 15 minutes ago. if you take a look behind me plenty of people are still out here. that's because hillary clinton is shaking hands with those who made it out. when the first things that sticks out to me after top hillary clinton did not take any shots at any specific candidates. she didn't mention burning sandals or donald trump. she took plenty of shots of the republican party but as far as anyone specific she stayed away from that. what she did was spend most of her time talking about her platform raising the minimum wage. she got a lot of applause for talking about combating climate change. she said by the end of her first term she would like to see half a million more solar panels installed across the u.s.. what she did spend the most time on what's going control and it got really quiet when she started talking about gun control p. she said every year 33,000 people died from gun violence in america appeared she said she would like to close the loopholes that allow certain
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be having them. phillies -- hillary spoke for 30 minutes but we were here all afternoon talking to some people waiting as early as noon. more of that at 10:30 in the show. right now reporting live at the brady cole center. david sentendrey box 46 wjzy. bill: thank you david and keep it here on fox 46. will check again with david and a half an hour. vermont senator bernie sanders is also making the rounds. the democratic presidential candidates spoke to supporters earlier at the pnc music billion. sanders says the american trade policy has hurt the country and sends millions of u.s. jobs overseas. an issue he will play well in north carolina at the loss of textile and manufacturing jobs here. he also took a shot at donald
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elections. >> in the midst of that you have republican governors figuring out all kinds of ways to make it harder for people - poor people are young people for old people to vote. that is a disgrace. [applause] kayla: if sanders wants to defeat until tomorrow he will need to appeal to african-american voters. bill: republican front-runner donald trump is in the tar heel state after about a two hour whether to delay. trump makes a big thomases to gop supporters and protesters at his rally at lenoir-rhyne university in hickory. supporters the front-runner wanted to watch the billionaire weigh lien on their concerns. >> we have spiraled into a debt that obama has drained our country.
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believe trump will be totally strong against them. bill: chris christie is you can see there was on hand to support trump rally appeared outside of the rally the crowds were just as vocal. some people telling us they drove hours just to have the chance to hear donald trump speak to while many came to share their views and concerns in a peaceful way others were met by a strong security presence. the sheriff's office said six protesters were arrested at the rally. all of them received minor citations. >> we were worried because of previous campaign stops in this particular campaign about violence. i did see a group of clergy moving in between, some foks giving obscene gestures and words towards each other in the clergy moved in and started singing jesus loves me. it's hard to beat up on one another when you are singing jesus loves me. david: bill: authorities tell us the
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was injured during trump's rally. kayla: north carolina voters will not only be making their choices for the presidential race but will also be making nominations for governor. the polls are open from 6:30 in the morning to 7:30 at night if you have a registered to vote you will not be able to cast a ballot tomorrow. if you don't have an acceptable photo i.d. there's no need to worry that anyone who shows up without a photo i.d. will be able to cast a provisional ballot. more than 56,000 people cast their ballot in mecklenburg county would set a new for primary voting. north carolina voters are also deciding on the connect and see bond package. if approved on tuesday the state will borrow $2 billion to fund a variety of projects including many here in the charlotte area. $90 million will go to unc charlotte and 750,000 destined for crowder's mountain state park. the bond will not require a tax
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bill: new tenant take a listen to the story. araksya woman is accused of cruelty to children after she's pepper sprayed her 14-year-old son because he didn't say thank you. latoya hughes often called 911 after allegedly sprang her son in their house on sunday. the responding officer found the boy walking down the street with a glove over his eyes proven police estimate happened he said his mom pepper sprayed him for not saying thank you or an item after she purchased it for him at the grocery store. the teens grandma was in the house when it's apparently took place. >> the witness said there was no physical violence. there was no threat to the child of the mothers life either safety or well-being. it was after the pepper spray. bill: hughes often was booked into the rockville city jail. police have reported the run-in to the department of social services.
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two people found dead in her home on rest home road. authorities say someone had gone to the home to check on one of the people when they discovered they were both dead. police are investigating this as suspicious. they are not releasing names until the victims families have been notified to city leaders and matthew zarb once again coming together to discuss creating their own school district separate from cms. as we reported a few weeks back officials began looking to the possibility of working with the general assembly to make that new district a reality. this after leaders learned more about cms student assignment plans. the mayor tells us the district concept would allow them to keep their kids in schools close to home. we will hear more from this meeting in the next half hour. ashlee mcgeehan is inside the meeting telling us leaders have yet to discuss the matter. former mayor of charlotte patrick cannon said to appear in court wednesday in mecklenburg
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attorney says can and will be arraigned on voter fraud charges. the former mayor is currently serving a 44 month term in a federal prison in west virginia for corruption. canon is accused of attempting to vote after his felony conviction which is illegal. bill: charlotte fresco news viewer capture this photo around 3:30 this afternoon on tom hill road. it's unclear for driver was injured in the fire but if you would like to become a citizen journalist and get paid in the process download the fresco news app on your iphone and sign up up. we end up using your photos or videos on the air you will get paid. tonight the town of pageland has at least some of its police force back on the job. j. brooks tells us seven of the officers have officially returned to work. brooks had been serving as interim police chief fund officers protested.
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four-month long investigation. the allegations behind a pro but never been made public. a burgundy teenager accused of trying to join isis was arraigned on murder charges. district attorney said 19-year-old justin sullivan shot and killed his neighbor 70 for real john clark in december of 2014. the state is trying to make the claim of capital offense. it would be punishable by the death penalty. the fbi said sullivan started to plan to shoot up a concert or a bar and had been previously eyed and indicted for helping isis pretty remains in federal custody and he will stay there until his next court date. as south carolina trooper caught on camera shooting and i'm armed man entered a guilty plea. trooper sean gruber faces up to 20 years in prison. at 2014 shooting was captured on dash cam video from the troopers patrol car in colombia. lavar jones was walking its a star when gruber got out of his car and demanded jones driver's license.
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his car. gruber fired four shots. jones was shot in the hip and it survived to. bill: an update to tell you about the charlotte city council deferred voting the sale of the former eastland mall site. leaders have been talking about what to do with the site for quite some time to charlotte limburg board of education has officially submitted an offer. the plan for adult mall includes building residential and commercial buildings as well as a brand-new school. the city has spent 13 million bunks to buy that site. city leaders plan to discuss the issue in next issues zoning meeting. city council approved the one point 75 million-dollar agreement for renovations at discovery pastry the scienc science museum open and 81 and need serious updates to keep up with current technologies and innovations. the museum plans to upgrade its 3-d center create two new science labs and add new exhibits. discovery place hopes to
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on this year. kayla: coming up the latest technology to hit the banking industry. where you can test it out for yourself here live locally. hey ryan. >> the storms will push out tonight and we will see more dry
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but a big drop off bill: good evening and welcome back. we look at our severe weather outlook or the area and we are right in the area where we expect a decent chance of slight risk, a pretty good risk that we see them circling that's been the case so far. this lines up nicely from where we have seen it, the worst of it generally down in the southern regions of the area. that continues to be the case. i want to show you quickly here the 45 red line a little bit of it inside around the matthews area right around matthews and then it picks up again once we get into monroe and stretching into union vale. that's not the worst of it, then we jump further to the south and east. if you weren't pageland you are getting hit heavy with rain right now. all this by the way shifting almost direct we straight to the east end than the worst of it continues to be down around kershaw. here's the good news, it's
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words purple and a little black in the middle? that's where we are currently seeing the biggest hail and again at half an inch to an inc- a old. absolutely huge. taking a look at satellite and radar, the good news this is all coming on the front edge of the cold front so once the initial batch moves through rehab is cold front behind it. we have got drier air and it's going to be moving into place. that will be good news as we head into tomorrow. showers and storms tonight, warm and sunny tomorrow and wednesday and then we will see more rain over the weekend. that of course is going to come with cooler temperatures. let's talk about chances for tonight still strong, tuesday and wednesday no chance of rain, little chance for thursday and friday and the weekend, getting hit again with a 50% chance on saturday in a 40% chance on sunday.
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handy and he won't need them over the next couple of days. tonight expect to get down to 54 degrees read midnight on we will see the clouds break a little bit and by the time we wake up tomorrow morning it should be nice and sunny. temperatures will be very warmer for the next few days. tuesday's 80, wednesday 81 and thursday by the way st. patrick's day. 75 with a 20% chance of rain. bill: i've got my green tie ready. new technology starting to roll out which may allow you to leave your debit card at home and said to cash out of an atm. how does the work wax jenna caiazzo explains. >> our phones will become the alternative to curing rather wallet the one cash at the atm you don't even need your debit card. >> you don't need to carry around plastic, done that -- debit card credit card. a new technology rolled out by bank of america allows you access to atm with your
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would if you were to pay with your card. >> is just like when you load your credit card into an apple pay for a samsung pay. it's tokenized and it's secure so we don't store information on is unique. >> here's how it works. >> it will asked me to pull up my phone over the reader. this is my debit card and now it's asking for my pin like it would if you are using your debit card. i do not want a receipt today. >> while technology experts say it's a good idea in theory could open the doors to people trying to still your identity or access your account. >> was someone stole your phone they would not only get digital access to your bank account, you can do mobile payments these days and bill pay all kinds of things on your phone.
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on their funds are keeping your phone secures a good step even without this technology. cx is the technology is on your cell phone bullet urges users to make sure their phone is as secure it is a camby with a password that is undetectable. >> you have to be more wary about people attempting to attack your phone. >> jenna caiazzo fox 46 of the bjc y.. bill: the service is at 20 atms eight teams across the country and will be at 1500 more of them come the month of may. charlotte is one of the few major cities where this type allergy is currently being tested out. >> a roof over her head to solve
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organization's goal of providi
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long-standing and growing problem. the homeless and rock hill a struggling portion of the population that is doubled in the last year. as one local organization bows it may have come up with a viable solution. the organization in the league is running into problems of its own. emilly collins is joining us live in the studio at the details. hi emily. >> hi kayla. renew our community serves rock hill and in recent months its founder has begun building a plan that he believes will not only put words over the heads of a number of those living in the city but will do it in a responsible and affordable way. >> stephanie sharpe has been living on the streets of rock hill couch surfing and bouncing from shelter to shelter for the past 11 months. >> my husband was living out on the streets for a little bit but it was a little scary analog
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sharp spends a lot of her time at renew our community and organization focused on connecting people in need but the services necessary to survive. the founder and visionary behind the organization's operations. his latest idea involves the construction of several tiny houses much like this one. >> instead of spending more than 50% of their net income on a place to live what a family spent 15 or 20% on a? >> beach these houses measuring 120 square feet would allow them to spend just that but the idea has now hit a snag. >> is the very government rules that are put in place to protect the community to have a good place to live and protect property values to groups that are trying to come in and have solutions.
1:25 am
zoning law and rock hill that prohibits homes less than 800 square feet from being built and with the cheapest homes costing anywhere from $100 a square foot the sets as a rule that fails to take even those who make minimum wage into account. >> they can afford a 100,000-dollar house and ended they could they can afford a 200-dollar power bill that goes along with the house. >> until the bill changes people like sharp left to continue to look for anyplace they can to lay their head even if it means on a mattress underneath rover tracks. sharp says it's a grim reality and if it weren't for stations like rock it would almost be too much to bear to. >> they really do care and they let as much as a helping hand as they can. >> rock is incurred to citizens and rock hill to reach out to members of city council and
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current zoning laws in order to eventually make these films available to people in need. kayla: thank you emily. you can also support rocks evertz to build these tiny homes by making a financial donation or starting a fund-raiser for more permission log onto our web site let's send it over to brian. hey brian.
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storms and they will be moving (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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a rock hill woman is in hot water with police and the department social services after she allegedly pepper sprayed her teenage son. latoya hughes austin is charged with cruelty to children. police say for pepper spraying her 14-year-old for nothing think you pretty responding officer later found the boy walking down the street with a cloth over his eyes and his grandmother was home when it happened. bill: six people arrested at donald trump's rally in hickory after two-hour weather delay. the catawba county sheriff's office arrested protesters, the ones who are arrested only got minor citations. kayla: from obscenity bernie sanders made the rounds through charlotte today. big presidential candidate spoke
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pavilion. sandra says the american trade policy assert the country and send millions of jobs overseas. an issue that he hopes will play well in north carolina after the loss of textile and manufacturing jobs. after a very busy week on the campaign trail stumping to the carolinas hillary clinton wrapping up. bill: some of them are fully backing hillary clinton and others might have questions. david sentendrey is joining us in uptown with more. it sounds a lot more quiet than the last time we spoke with you. >> that's right bill. if you were turning in -- tuning in it earlier in the show we were live and hillary clinton stopped speaking to she touched on everything from gun control to climate change. about a thousand people at the grady cole center. some people are unsure who they are voting for tomorrow. >> hillary, hillary. >> voters piled an intro to
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night. >> because it's the woman who runs the house especially if it's going to be the white house. >> i think she knows what she's doing. >> some are first-time voters. >> i'm so excited for the first time i get to go to vote for her. >> many eager to cause their ballot the north carolina primary giving them a chance to vote for the candidate they say belongs in the white house. >> she doesn't take -- and she doesn't stop until she gets the right answers. >> hillary has the strongest records in terms of supporting educators and families and children especially children in poverty. >> even at this rally taking place hours before the primary plenty of democratic voters are undecided. they are looking for a reason to vote for hillary or reason not to. >> i try to keep an open mind to the process and that's why i'm here today to listen to what she
1:32 am
>> i am more on the sender side but i want to see what hillary has to say so at night make me change my vote tomorrow. >> hillary did shake hands for about 20 minutes or so after everything wrapped up. there are still a few dozen things are mostly wrapped up at the brady cole center. we will see helping shape up and tuesday. david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. bill: okay david. the north carolina republican statement about clinton's visit san quote clinton is failing to rally democrats are turn out republican enthusiasm only continues to skyrocket with turnouts of 255% end quote. kayla: sarah palin canceled an appearance at donald trump event in florida after the former alaska governor's husband todd palin was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident.
1:33 am
presidential candidate is heading back to alaska to be with todd. he is reportedly in serious condition in an intensive care unit. there is no word when palin might return to the camp in trail. >> the weather continues to fall in our region and as you can see a lot of it is moving to the south and eastern regions of the piedmont but nonetheless we continue to get more built up that if you are in mcconnell's you have had a significant storm did when i talk about two-inch hail earlier tonight it was in this area in mcconnell's. it looks like there's more hail attached to the storm. this is just to the south of there. i want you guys to have heads up. there's quite a bit of wind attached as well. 50 to 60 miles an hour in that area moving towards the south and east. lancaster could affect you later and then we continue to see heavy showers in kershaw. keep in mind the heaviest of the hail has moved on to the east and continues to move
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east. largely missing most of it. a lot of rain in chesterfield and significant wind speeds in waynesboro -- wadesboro. we are looking at ms. hill and unionville getting heavy rain but it will dry out across most of charlotte at this point. and not likely to see a lot more action for the range of tonight. let's talk about what's happening over the next couple of days. we have this cold front trying to push through. again by midnight 1:00 in the morning most of this should be well to the east of us soon as you wake up tomorrow morning you are looking at sunshine. we'll keep sunshine around on tuesday into wednesday we will see another cold front pushed through fairly small weak cold front. as it moves in we will see clouds in the afternoon hours but should stay drown wednesday. it should be a nice day with temperatures into the 80s. the cold front will affect us as we head into thursday with
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i want to mention tree pollen if you are having allergies you are likely to continue to have allergies over the next several days. high or very high juniper and maple the major issues. as you plan for st. patrick's day 75, 20% chance of showers. not a real strong chance you will need it but temperatures are mild 40s and 50's outside. temperatures well into the 80s across much of the area tomorrow a per 70s in the foothills upper 60s as you head into the mountains. i want to take you to the extended forecast. wednesday at 81 and plenty of sunshine the first part of the day, 75 on thursday. temperatures began to tank as we head into the weekend. rain chances increased saturday and sunday and again i want to point out the morning 38 and 57 for the high. bill: i thought we were done
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onto fox 46 follow-up charlotte city council has officially decided to extend car lease contract. mayor jennifer roberts came back and said carly would be staying on in his position for the budget process. council voted to keep them on through the 2016th is go year. city council approved a 10 year airport lease agreement negotiated between american airlines delta airlines jetblue airways southwest airlines and united airlines. the agreement includes a financial agreement by the airlines to support billion dollars worth of capital investments to expand facilities and make other improvements. it will go into effect on july 1. onto a fox 46 follow-up. north carolina highway patrol said 130 vehicles are involved in racks on my 42 the pressure started sunday afternoon over six-mile stretch of the highway between dashing grin.
1:37 am
20 people to the hospital but thankfully no one was seriously injured. the road reopened around 11:00 sunday night. troopers say some of the wrecks were caused by wet roads and people slow down to try and take photos of all the crash scenes. kayla: drivers in south carolina might be able to. easier after this week. it's driver interesting week in the palmetto state in the dmv is assisting drivers with certain license suspensions. the drivers can apply to have her suspension time reduced or cleared. the dmv says offices across the state tend to be more crowded airing amnesty week. bill: onto a port fox 46 of the 29 people are recovering after an amtrak train derailed. this happened in the southwest kansas. the train was traveling from los angeles to chicago when it was knocked off the track surely after midnight 3120 passengers and 14 crewmembers were on board that amtrak said the train was
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nine cars by the which ended up on the other side of the track. kayla: a private equity firm is skipping up a north carolina-based grocery story. fresh market announced its agreement to be acquired by apollo. apollo says it will be paying $28.50 read share of the grocery store chain. the grocery store has nearly 100 stores across the country. shares soared 24% before stocks open. bill: the first day back to work after daylight savings time and if you caught yourself yawning you weren't the only one. researchers found americans get about 40 minutes less sleep on the monday after daylight savings time. doctors say a little extra caffeine can help but tonight you might want to try going to bed earlier and don't worry because as the week goes on you will most likely start to feel better. other studies have shown in creasing car accident on the monday after the switch to
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change come from driver fatigue or changes in the time the sun appears. tomorrow night's most contact contested battleground for the gop nomination is ohio. winner-take-all the 66 delegates in poll showing it's too close to call between businessman donald trump and ohio governor john kasich. for kasich it's do or die. charlie leduff are in ohio with k-6 last stand. >> i will not take the low road to the highest office in america. i will not do it. >> highroad, low road it doesn't matter which road ohio governor john kasich takes because at this point there's not much pavement left.
1:40 am
front-runner donald trump. if he loses here tuesday k-6 run is done. >> is closer than it should be because in his time in congress kasich supported nafta and other trade deals that led to tens of thousands of lost jobs in ohio and when he left congress you went to work for wall street. he said that jobs are the whole deal. how do you square that with your support for every major trade deal in jobs going overseas to ohio? >> first of all we are up over 40,000 jobs and we have a lot of foreign investment in ohio. we have to do what we have to do. we are free traders but we are not going going to be saps any more. >> with that mean? >> those new jobs are low-paying and doesn't sit well with ohio's working-class whose vote is
1:41 am
the white house. >> when was the last time he drove down cleveland? casey guarantees he will winnow ohio and go onto the rest of the west belt he sir? if he does win ohio kasich has another problem. on wednesday a pennsylvania judge will decide if he stays on the ballot after failing to get 2000 ballots in.
1:42 am
presidential candidate ticket moment from his busy campaigning schedule to show off the sunset with a game of bocce in youngstown ohio. the governor had a proud moment when he scored. casey did campaign stops across the state today on the eve of what could prove to be a critical moment in his run for the white house. bill: breaking news to tell you about coming into your newsroom. conquer police are in the scene of a shooting at the 200 block of lincoln street. at this point we know one person is dead and another person as non-life-threatening injuries. officials say there might get third victim at another hospital. this is obviously early in the investigation so please stick with us as we continue to dig on more details. kayla: an update on the story we told you about at the top of the show, city leaders and mouth is now passed a resolution to form a task force to move forward with their plans to possibly break away from cms the former's head -- and former school district of their own. as we reported a few weeks back officials looked into the possibility of working with the
1:43 am
district a reality. tonight they voted to form a task force to look into if it's a financially viable option and make the possible school district a reality. these talks began after mathis leaders learn more about cms student assignment plan. the mayor told us by forming their school district families would be able to keep their kids in schools close to home. the next step is to work with a is only regarding options. let's send it over to josh sims with sports.
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the charlotte hornets. in the battle of burgers... ...jack made a declaration of delicious with the doublejack combo. he formed a perfect union between 100% beef, cheese, andmouth. he took a stand for hot and salty fries. and the freedom to choose from hundreds of freestyledrinks all for $4.99. and america ate it up. true story. get the new double jackcombo for just $4.99
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bill: welcome back everyone. you can't win them all. the charlotte hornets have been red-hot by the coverage of turnovers and missed free throws throws -- free throws and a desperate dowes team something tonight. the first half is where charlotte really dug themselves a hole in this game did kemba walker trying to dig them out of it. eastern conference player of the week knocking down the jumper but on the other and felt finding chandler parsons for the easy win with a breakdown on defense dallas up by 15. nick that ti tried to rally the troops knocked on the jumper 20 points on the night and kemba walker his usual self played well all the way to the rack and finishes 25 and again but dallas
1:46 am
they had lost five in rough fighting for playoff spot out west. dallas comes away with a victory 107-96 sinking the hornets. the brackets have been out now for over 24 hours. you have a chance to look at the match ups and pick upsets and select your final four. north carolina one of the teams many people that go into the final four. the tar heels earning a seat in the west region will face the winner of florida gulf coast and fairly dickinson will face off in the playing gate tomorrow night. here's head coach roy williams on the team's chances in the tournament he. >> you build your moment to much to get into tournament and a talk about each term in the -- tournament individually. we haven't been able to finish it off and so i hope this will give us more confidence. we are a well-rounded basketball basketball team could be passed and we defend and we can rebound
1:47 am
on the back boards. it's a basketball team that we as coaches have appreciated and pushed and pushed and that's what we'll try to do this weekend. >> news did "news 13" bryce johnson named first-team all-american today. a senior forward for the tar heels averaged 16 points and 10 boards of the game this season. forced to take his become preparations for the match up with 13 seeded unc wilmington on thursday that the blue devils face the seahawks won the seahawks won this in program history. that was awfully back in 1982. duke won the matchup in this game is at 12:15 thursday in programs run. the blue devils are 2-1 all-time is the fourth seed in the big dance. >> is driving up the hill, here he comes. look at them slam. it's going to be -- i can't call that one. bill.
1:48 am
kevin harvick just edges out carl edwards by 100th of a second. the closest finish ever at phoenix international raceway. harvick has won five of their last six in arizona and tracks best eighth total. >> after the race as we said to each other. that's what nascar racing is all about. he wants to win for his team and i want to win for my team and there's a lot on the line. >> i thought i've got a mini-toward me were a hard and i tried to adore him and slow him down but it just didn't work. the sprint cup series moves to california for the honor club 400 sunday at 3:30. some golf in israel michael roy returning to charlotte to defend his title -- the 2015 winner of the wealth argot championship at quail hollow committed to play in charlotte's pga tour event this may. lassar mcelroy became the tournament's first multiple
1:49 am
or 10 tie to others an impressive seven shot victory
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the wells fargo champioioioioioio animals ruled the box office and
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ox news adam housley has it all with the hollywood nation. >> coming through. kerry takes 23 and richard denies rumors in the hollywood nation. after nearly two years of radio silence richard simmons is speaking out about his absence from the public eye. the fitness guru called in to entertainment tonight sunday to clear up rumors that he had been kidnapped saying he has just been taking quote time to be by myself to universal studios will be bringing the walking dead to life this summer. the studio announced a permanent attraction based on the series in the works complete with zombies realistic sets and replicas of props from the show. carrie underwood has scored her 23rd number one hit with her new single heartbeat. the song took the top spot on both a billboard and media-based
1:53 am
singer/model sierra announce her engagement to nfl quarterback russell wilson over the weekend. famously taking a vow of celibacy before marriage. and disney's latest animated utopia continued its box office stampede sing at the top for the second straight week j.j. abrams thriller cloverfield lane debuted in second place while dead pool picked up third. in hollywood, adam housley "fox news." kayla: stick with us, we will be back after this with a final
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forecast. bill: more breaking news tied started up a charlotte fire and the scene of a house fire on -- kayla: officials say no one was injured in the fire. more than 30 firefighters funded in officials say it took 15 minutes to get the fire under control. the american red cross is helping the two adults living at home. bill: we will get a final check on some of the stars and passing through the viewing area tonight. let's send it back over to chief meteorologist brian basham. >> it's not exactly winding down. still going strong and we are contingency and isolated showers and thunderstorms. keep in mind even though they look relatively small they pack a punch where they're heading
1:57 am
short amount of time. rock hill starting to fill in again. as you get to chesterfield receiving heavy rain and starting to move out of the area going strong in wadesboro as well. charlotte macy at eli showers but things should be settled for us here. let's check out that extended forecast for more time. good news tomorrow, in the 80s, sunny and wednesdays will be in the 80s as well. more rain chances thursday and friday in small changes of 20% over the weekend. the chances higher and the temperatures will cool off. it's going to get a lot cooler this weekend. bill: thank (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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